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Sharepoint's Benefits for Small & Mid-Sized Companies

We help companies make the move to Sharepoint so they can improve both their communications and competitiveness. The goal is to create efficiencies between departments by improving efficiency, productivity, transparency and decision-making across the organization. As many industries have evolved into more complex structures of all kinds, small and mid-sized businesses have found that they require complex data management and data mining capabilities to be competitive.

The costs for data management have been coming down and tools such as Microsoft Business Intelligence and the SharePoint portal technology allow users to create complex, multi-level data analysis that would not be possible through the use of conventional tools such as Excel. In addition, they communicate big picture and overall perspective within organizations. Companies gain more information and ways to interact with the customer and potential customer data, as well as new ways to collaborate and communicate within the organization itself.

Here are the top 10 benefits of Microsoft Windows SharePoint:

1. Improve team productivity with easy-to-use collaborative tools

SharePoint connects people with the information and resources they need. Users create team workspaces, coordinate calendars, organize documents, and receive notifications and updates through communication features (including announcements and alerts), as well as the new templates for creating blogs and wikis. Mobile users can take advantage of convenient offline synchronization capabilities.

2. Easily manage documents and help ensure integrity of content

Enhanced document management capabilities include document checkout before editing, the ability to view revisions and restore to previous versions. There are also controls to set document- and item-level security.

3. Get users up to speed quickly

Integration with familiar productivity tools, including programs in the Microsoft Office system, makes it easy for users to get up to speed quickly.

4. Reduce the complexity of securing business information

SharePoint has advanced administrative controls for increasing security of information resources, while decreasing the costs and complexities associated with site provisioning, site management, and support.

5. Deploy solutions tailored to your business processes

While standard workspaces in Windows SharePoint Services are easy to implement, organizations seeking a more customized deployment can get started quickly with application templates that address specific business processes or tasks.

6. Provide a cost-effective way to build Web-based applications

This common framework for document management and collaboration is flexible and scalable so Web applications and Internet sites, specific to the needs of the organization, can be built. Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server expands these capabilities further to offer enterprise-wide functionality for records management, search, workflows, portals, personalized sites, and more.

7. Build a collaboration environment quickly and easily

Easy to manage and easy to scale; a collaborative environment can be set up with minimal administrative time and effort.

8. Provide sophisticated controls for securing company resources

Permissions can be set at the document or item level, and site managers, teams, and other work groups can initiate self-service collaborative workspaces and tasks within preset parameters. Work policies can be set “top down” for better content recovery and users, groups, and team workspace site administration.

9. Robust storage capabilities

Workspaces are supplied with document storage and retrieval features, including check-in and check-out functionality, version history, custom metadata, and customizable views. Features include enhanced recycle bin functionality for easier recovery of content and improved backup as well as restoration.

10. Scale your collaboration solution for your business needs

Quickly and easily manage and configure SharePoint using a Web browser or command-line utilities. Manage server farms, servers, and sites with the Microsoft .NET Framework, which enables both custom and third-party administration solution offerings.

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