Call us when you need any computer support, we have techs on call to fix your issues when you need help at a cost effective hourly rate. Simple and easy.

As a small business owner, you understand that the cost of hiring full time computer support is prohibitive. It can be so expensive that even contemplating hiring your own staff is unrealistic. PC Results makes hiring your own support team unnecessary. We step in to keep your computers and technology running smoothly and efficiently, simply call us. You'll get dependable computer support from our professional tech support team that makes having an on-call computer support staff for your business a possibility.

When you need computer support, PC Results can help your business with:

  • No extra charges – We use an all-inclusive hourly rate that is extremely affordable, with no extra charges for after hours, holidays or weekends. Get a predictable cost for your scheduled maintenance or unpredictable emergencies.
  • Software training and support – We can help train you and your staff on how to use your software to keep your data safe and maximize efficiency. We will train your staff to better use the software they have to be more productive and proactive in preventing data loss.
  • Hardware training and support – We can fix or help you maintain your businesses computers and accessories to eliminate downtime and maximize productivity. Keep your systems running smoothly or get them back online fast when they go down.
  • Complete computer support – Whether it's a hardware or software issue, one computer or 1,000 computers, we can assist you with any and all of your computer support needs.
  • On Site Computer Repair - No need to pack up your computer, our computer support technicians are ready to assist you when and where you need them.

Our experienced tech support team at PC Results will give you incredibly support for an unbeatable low cost and assist with all your computer needs. Contact us for an affordable computer support solution for your business.