Oh boy, where do I begin? First off, I mostly like Windows 10, as do many of my IT counterparts. Upgraded security, somewhat easier configuration, advanced networking options, improved interface, etc. But there are some issues like getting older peripherals to work, and stability problems – until recently, I haven’t seen a blue screen of death since Windows 95.

But the worst offense is forced upgrades.

OK, Microsoft, we understand that you are trying to be “generous” by offering updates to Windows 10 for free, but that should be optional and not mandatory. I can’t tell you how many customers call us frustrated when they come in one morning to a new Windows 10 install on a system where they specifically removed the update and did everything possible to clearly prevent the installation.

If that happens, you have choices – accept the intrusive update, or roll it back – the sooner the better. And reminder, Microsoft is offering free updates to Windows 10 only until July 29th . After that, you will need to pay for the operating system.

If you are struggling with the decision, need assistance preventing an upgrade, or hoping to upgrade everything to save money, PC Results can help make the transition easier.


I Hate Technology… And I’m an IT guy

Does it have to be so frustrating? It drives me crazy, and I know how to fix these issues. I can hardly imagine what it’s like for everyone else.

In this ongoing series – I’m going to discuss common problems, why it drives me crazy, workarounds, and potential solutions. Here we go.

About the author:

David Kalish is the Director of Business Development for PC Results, Inc., an Information Technology Solutions Provider serving Upstate and Western New York. He has been around IT for so long he can remember installing Windows 3.1. A true “Renaissance Man” he has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Black Belts in Karate and Jujitsu. If you want to take the sting out of technology contact PC Results to see how they can help.